The Tenet and Statute of China Red Ribbon Volunteer League

China Red Ribbon Volunteer League originated from the Forum of “AIDS Orphan Salvation Action” in 2002,which was initiated by volunteers, arranged in 2004 and established in 2005. As a non-governmental and unreligious local civilian commonweal organization banded together in a freewill and au pair way, we are committed in advocating civism and spreading social work logos by means of interaction of network society and practical society, making more people understand the salvation work for AIDS and AIDS orphans, encouraging and creating chances for more people to devote and attach themselves to social service and social development work.

Our aim is to prevent AIDS, and to help orphans! We devote our minds to doing all things in our power. On the one hand, we look for and collect the help provided by those social warmhearted people on a voluntary basis to AIDS orphans, on the other hand, we hope to offer a platform of communication for all volunteers who want to contribute to the cause of preventing AIDS and helping AIDS orphans. To realize the purpose of preventing Aids and helping AIDS orphans, we welcome all effective approaches for cooperation.

I. Our fundamental tenet: In a society, we firmly believe that the ability of love and salvation, and the care and respect for social vulnerable groups reflect its degree of the development of civilization. And the ability of love and salvation always depends on our cognition and action. Only when we realize that we are all parts of the society, and the development of society and the misfortune of inconvenient persons are closely connected with ourselves, can those issues of poverty and inequality resulted from the imbalanced development of society be changed radically. Also, only when everyone regards himself as a citizen, and would like to be responsible for and take active actions for defending the right, dignity and individual value of himself and others, can the ability of love and salvation grow and develop.
?Voluntary spirit and sense of social responsibility are the basis for the existence of civilian commonweal organizations. In order to help the people as social vulnerable groups obtain their due right and welfare, we should appeal the public to join in the idiographic society work. Through practices, people can think back the mainstream value problems about high consumption and top priority for economy, and can enable the ability of love and salvation to fully grow and develop, so that we can form a strong power and depend on a social system and mechanism rather than relying on personal zeal to help those vulnerable group people find their due right and happiness.
Thus, voluntary spirit, wariness, pragmatism, open attitude, and taking actions to advocate services for people in difficulty are always our faith.

II. Our organization principle:
The administrative disbursement of the Red Ribbon Volunteer League and all of its compassion activity expenses are voluntarily borne by the internal members, and we will not accept direct subsidization for our league. The policy of this organization’s compassion activities is: keystone, directness, wideness, and prudence. In each activity this league members participate: firstly, we will send the volunteers to investigate the local situation, and then based on the report of investigation on the spot, we will decide whether to fund the project, and after the local government or the school confirms, we start to implement the activity of compassion salvation. The donating person remits money directly to the orphan or his / her guardian or teacher. In the event of special circumstances, volunteers can be sent through the league to give the money personally. When receiving the money, the assisted person will sign for the receipt of money in the form of characters or pictures. This league can issue a compassion certificate to the donating person according to his/her wish.
Our cognition is: one good thing can be done better by ten persons than by only one person, and the purification of our society and human being’s will need participation of more people. This league will send its volunteers to investigate the performance of each assisted project in the local area for follow-up survey, understand the situation of assistance in details, collect the feedback information, and publicize the condition of projects as well as the details of fund use. This league will, according to the condition of each project, set up one or several linkmen, and publicize the real individual information, so as to receive the consultation and supervision from donators and the society. The volunteers of this league must provide their services, and contribute their individual ability or money for the social improvement, not for the material reward, but only based on their morality and justice, faith, conscience, sympathy and sense of responsibility.
The background of these compassion salvation activities: It is of special significance to the long-term stability of the society and families to strengthen the care and salvation for the children who are influenced by AIDS, to protect the right of these children, and to pay attention to the development of their mentality for letting them feel the warmth of society. And it is our obligatory responsibility to provide them with a good condition of study, survival, and development as well as an environment where they are protected.
The form of activity: Voluntary spirit, wariness, pragmatism, open attitude, and taking actions to advocate services for people in difficulty are always our faith. We will continue to follow the faith, through our activities such as social service, subject salon, network publicity, voluntary research and sponsoring salvation, to spread the social citizen consciousness and the public welfare knowledge, and to communicate to the public our care for the people in trouble and the social development. And in the whole process, our activities can enhance the people’s understanding of the social development and present situation, and what’s more, promote the working ability of the volunteers to participate in the service for society.

III.Our organizational configuration:
Each department or branch sets up only one principal (person in charge), who takes the responsibility once some problems occur, and who need subsidize one orphan in his/her personal name for one year within one month after taking the post. (College students: half a year)
All the principals must provide the information about their real identity, address, contact method, and testifying person and so on. Such information is open only among a few members.
About the organizational configuration of the league:
1. Honor president: In the same year, "the candidate of honor president" who donates the most funds and things for orphans will automatically become the honor president. He or she takes charge to inspect and supervise the executive president, and to develop and coordinate the work of the Development Coordination Committee;
2. Executive president: He or she is a person who has the required ability and achievement, and who is trusted by everybody. He or she needs to subsidize one orphan in his or her personal name within one month after taking the post, and goes to the frequently-occurring area of AIDS once in his or her tenure.
The details of this job:
1) The check and approval work for volunteers’ recruitment, reassignment, awards and penalty examination;2) The signature of the related important documents on behalf of this league; 3) The decision-making about the establishment of representative offices and branches;4) The appointing work about the main principal of each organization;
5) The leading role for each organization of this league to work. 3. The Development Coordination Committee:
It has the duty to hold the regular meeting, to determine the direction for the organization work and other significant resolutions, and to make the details of related principles about work.   1) Provide the executive president with consultation for decision-making, and help " the Red Ribbon Volunteer League" establish the long term development goals.  2) Support each department and the branch organizations of “the League", including helping them establish the work handbook, guideline, plans and so on.
3) Perfect internal relations, establish team culture and spirit, strengthen the construction of team, and promote the operation of communication and the coordination between departments.   4) Develop the public relationship with the correlative parties and organizations; facilitate the solutions to paroxysmal emergent situations in the League, and provide the consultation for the correlative departments.
5) Have the will to regard the" compassion giving" as a habit, and to work dependably and continually for the “Red Ribbon Volunteer League”.   6) Be willing to give up the right to be elected as the executive president and to share the operating cost of the League (such as printing propaganda materials and symbols for volunteers, and the special disbursement for large-scale events, etc.).  7) In the process of subsidizing orphans by donators, if due to the mistake of the League the denoted funds or things are lost, the “Permanent members” of the Development Coordination Committee will take the collective responsibility for related compensation.   8) The "permanent members" of the Development Coordination Committee have the collective veto to all of the significant events in the league.  
All the formal volunteers can apply for voluntary positions in each department according to their personal wish and ability. Each department needs to put on the workers’ records to the administration section when it selects and engages some persons by the requirement of work.
The classification of departments in the League: Activity Arrangement, Compilation and Translation, Law and Medical Service, Education and Propaganda, Network Technology, Supervising and Management (funds and other things), Investigation and Return Visit, File Management. Each provincial branch is preparing to build.
The appointment method of the principal for each department: He or she must be a member who is outstanding in the performance of compassion activities and upright in work attitude, and who has teamwork spirit. Recommended by this department, evaluated by the Development Coordination Committee, and approved by the executive president, the post will go into effect.
For the principal of each department or branch to become a qualified candidate for the executive president, he or she must be voted by the members of the Development Coordination Committee and the principal of each department or provincial branch.

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